Concrete Driveways, Sidewalks & Patios

Driveway, Sidewalk, & Patio Installation & Repair

Driveway installation, service, and repair are our specialties. Whether concrete driveways, gravel driveways, marl driveways, crush-n-run or just about any other aggregate for your driveway, we’ve got you covered. For those looking to go green we offer recycled crushed concrete or crushed asphalt. We can install or repair just about any existing surface.


Our concrete services include driveway installation & repair, sidewalk installation, patio concrete slab installation, or curb and gutter. We are experienced in installation and removal of existing concrete.

Sidewalk Services

We offer a full array of services for new or existing sidewalks. We can grade an area and install new sidewalks with concrete or a variety of other materials. Tree roots or water caused cracks and uneven surfaces in your sidewalk? We can repair sidewalks, and even remove roots causing issues so the sidewalk stays repaired.

Large Tree Installation

Palms, Oak, Elms, Red Buds, Birch, Maples, Myrtles, etc… We offer guaranteed success for those in the market for large trees. Installation is always low impact on existing landscape.

Turf Management

Pleasant Land Service is licensed for commercial chemical application. We are able to diagnose, eradicate, control, or prevent all types of different pest and diseases that interfere with the health of turf grass and ornamentals.

Commercial Services

Pleasant Land Services can assist with all driveway and concrete needs, both residential and commercial. If your business has paving needs, or driveway installation or repair needs, give us a call. We are experienced in commercial concrete and sidewalk repair and root removal. And don’t worry – when we repair your concrete, we’ll remove the old concrete too.